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A Customer Relation Management tool will offer information across the organisation, and use the same customer base as offset into Sales, Marketing, and Service.

Qbus has extensive knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SugarCRM.

Get help in setting up and starting use of CRM in your daily Sales, Marketing, or Service process.
Many companies has access to a CRM system, due to previous decisions of adopting a CRM system - but how to actually use it never became clear, and the system now serves no purpose.

What a shame! Any CRM system provides invaluable insight into the involvement a customer has. What sales initiatives are currently active towards a customer? Which marketing campaigns have targeted the customer? What services has been requested by the customer? Does the customer have open cases/trouble tickets? When did your company communicate with the customer last time, and what was said?

In this context a CRM system should first and foremost be seen as a knowledge sharing system, and any colleague has access to the same level of information. Any service company should strive for a high level of transparency, and should have easy access to all knowledge about a customer when communicating with the customer.